Eiwa.......Your sales & marketing collaborator in Japan
We,Eiwa corporation, are the innovating trading company based on experiences, know-how & technique
Do you want to
Make business strategy for Japan
Start product sales in Japan
Find business partner in Japan
Reinforce product sales in Japan
You can get at your disposal
Nation wide direct sales net work
  We have over 36 sales offices covering all over Japan
Direct contact with excellent customers in various industrial fields
  With face-to-face basis, we have good contacts with customers in major and various industrial fields.
Free from any company alliance
  We can act on own and your marketing strategy.
Modification & assembly
  We can adjust your products and parts so that to meet Japanese legal requirement and standard at our facilities.
Good credit & reliability
  We are proud of good financial condition. Our stock is listed on Tokyo stock exchange.
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